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Ketogeek's Podcast

Our Ketogeek podcast is a no holds bar show about health, nutrition, fitness and the low carb lifestyle. In this show we bring in prominent guests in and out of the low carb universe while helping you change yourself and be a beacon of change for others around you! 



Jul 17, 2017

Paradoxes to conventional wisdom are interesting to explore since they can lead to substantial breakthroughs and provoke us to thinking. With the growth of Low Carb, Ketogenic and various fat burning diets challenging mainstream dietary guidelines, what would happen if we simplify our food consumption to...

Jul 10, 2017

There are great humans and then there are larger than life figures such as Professor Tim Noakes. We call them legends. This is a must listen podcast for everyone that will send shivers down some spines as the medical, pharmaceutical and food industry is facing viral disruptions from people self-empowering...