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Ketogeek's Podcast

Our Ketogeek podcast is a no holds bar show about health, nutrition, fitness and the low carb lifestyle. In this show we bring in prominent guests in and out of the low carb universe while helping you change yourself and be a beacon of change for others around you! 



Aug 23, 2018

This one is a must listen and LOADED with everything you need to know about metabolism and long term health, enhancing and troubleshooting your performance as an athlete and understanding the significance of heart rate variability and glucose levels. 


Alessandro Ferretti graduated from the Institute of...

Aug 13, 2018

What do you do when you feel depressed and it seems something that is out of your control? What's going on? We go through the inspirational narrative of overcoming clinical depression and bipolar II disorder with Carrie Brown.


Carrie has struggled with depression for as long as she can remember, and after she...

Aug 4, 2018

What happens when you eat nothing but fruits? In this episode, we talk to Michael Arnstein or "The Fruitarian" who has utilized a fruit-based diet for 10 years to perform world class marathon runs and endurance sports and try to understand how this is even possible?


Michael Arnstein is a 41 year old elite athlete...