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Ketogeek's Podcast

Our Ketogeek podcast is a no holds bar show about health, nutrition, fitness and the low carb lifestyle. In this show we bring in prominent guests in and out of the low carb universe while helping you change yourself and be a beacon of change for others around you! 



Apr 11, 2018

In this show we talk to the expert who is part of one of the biggest diabetes management and reversal communities in the world. We cover the challenges faced by being type 1 diabetic and successful management of this condition, especially in the light of newer research and evidence.

Bio: Dr. Ian Lake is a GP locum in Gloucestershire, UK.  He has had a long term interest in preventive medicine. Having Type 1 Diabetes himself, he eventually discovered and was strongly influenced by Richard Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book. He adopted a ketogenic lifestyle 4 years ago and found it was transformative regarding his health and wellbeing. He is keen to spread his knowledge to all with Type 1 so that they are aware of alternatives to the conventional diet. Like seemingly everyone else on a low carb lifestyle he has written a blog on running and Type 1 diabetes. ( )This was primarily to show that carbohydrate is not essential in type 1 diabetes, and ended up demonstrating that 'extreme diabetes' was not eliminating carbs and fasting but following conventional advice.

Time Stamps:

13:50 – Bio & role with

19:12 – New technologies and developments in combating type 1 diabetes

20:26 – Is type 1 diabetes genetic, infectious or what exactly causes it?

21:17 – Can type 1 diabetes happen at any age?

22:28 – Dealing with family, Social life & managing daily habits while being diabetic

26:45 – As a loved one, how can I help someone who has type 1 diabetes?

28:22 – I just got type 1 diabetes. What do I do first?

31:49 – Managing carbs, fats and proteins on the condition

33:00 – What is Ketoacidosis?

34:38 – Surprising foods that affect blood glucose levels?

36:04 – Sweeteners on type 1 diabetes?

36:55 – Favorite foods?

37:35 – Can you get type 1 and 2 diabetes at the same time?

38:57 – How did you get affiliated with

42:51 – Can we actually reverse diabetes in the world?

45:54 – How is the medical world impacted by community based approached towards healthcare

47:58 – Networking, learning and finding good information

49:17 – The body as a fat burning machines

50:18 – Dealing with underlying causes of diseases

52:49 – Empowering people & future of medicine

55:10 – Why should I go to Dr. Ian Lake?

56:42 – Alcohol, coffee & tea on type 1 diabetes?

58:08 – Biggest misconceptions for typ 1 & 2 diabetes?

1:00:18 – Paradoxes and why many healthy foods are unhealthy?

1:02:16 – Personalized medicine & changing the attitude towards food

1:03:15 – What is the dawn phenomenon?

1:04:30 – DNA synthase and deuterium?

1:07:35 – Final Plugs


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