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Ketogeek's Podcast

Our Ketogeek podcast is a no holds bar show about health, nutrition, fitness and the low carb lifestyle. In this show we bring in prominent guests in and out of the low carb universe while helping you change yourself and be a beacon of change for others around you! 



May 9, 2017

Luis Villasenor is regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons on Low Carb / Ketogenic dieting, and is the “go to guy” when applying a Low Carb diet for Bodybuilding and Strength Training by well known and respected insiders, leaders, influencers of the low carb/paleo and general fitness community. He is also founder of Ketogains, one of the largest community dedicated to this lifestyle. 

In this episode, we talk about Luis's journey to keto, the advent of Ketogains, the success behind their protocols, entering ketosis, realistic expectations and benefits of the keto diet, misconceptions about gluconeogenesis, how the body is a big puzzle, benefits of resistance training during weight loss, what is 'fat adaptation', exogenous ketones and then some rapid fire questions regarding fats in coffee, caloric deficit, bulking, supplementation and anabolic window. 


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