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Ketogeek's Podcast

Our Ketogeek podcast is a no holds bar show about health, nutrition, fitness and the low carb lifestyle. In this show we bring in prominent guests in and out of the low carb universe while helping you change yourself and be a beacon of change for others around you! 



Jun 28, 2017

In this extremely loaded episode, we talk with Marty Kendall from Optimising Nutrition who is also the brains behind the innovative “Nutrient Optimiser”, a powerful tool that is focused on a personalized solution to optimizing food and nutrition. A headset is recommended to listen to this podcast and prepare for your brains to get cooked! Topics we cover are:

  • The dogma of pointing fingers at one food item in mainstream news.
  • What it means to be ‘Metabolically Healthy’.
  • What is too little, too much and adequate protein intake?
  • Does high protein intake equate to a sugar bomb via. gluconeogenesis?
  • What would happen if you eat nothing but protein?
  • Why some people aren’t getting high level of blood ketones?
  • Could you potentially eat too much fat on a low carb diet?
  • Keto acidosis, metabolic acidosis and consequences of very high ketone levels.
  • Various factors that impact basal and bolus insulin levels.
  • How insulin impacts fat loss process.
  • Why you may be skinny and seemingly fit but unhealthy at the same time.
  • How nutrition can be optimized for zero carb dieters.
  • The importance of modifying nutrition to support existing and changing lifestyles.
  • The story and purpose behind the Nutrient Optimiser.
  • The potential to improve and reshape the food industry using the Nutrient Optimiser.
  • How people can figure out their micronutrient recommendations.
  • Possible existence of additional micronutrients and importance of real food consumption.
  • Resources people can utilize to educate themselves on food and nutrition.

About Marty Kendall: In early 2015 Marty started blogging at  He tries to provide clarity around many of the confusing and conflicting issues in nutrition, often using a quantitative approach.  While his blog posts can sometimes go deep on a topic, he has also worked to develop a shortlist of optimal foods to suit different goals by balancing the sometimes-competing parameters of nutrient density, insulin load and energy density.  

His most recent project is the Nutrient Optimiser which consolidates his thinking into an automated system that reviews a person's current diet to provide a shortlist of recommended foods to provide the nutrients they are not getting enough of while supporting their goals, whether they be diabetes control, weight loss, bodybuilding or athletic performance. Marty is an engineer whose interest in nutrition was spawned out of necessity trying to better manage his wife's Type 1 diabetes as well as his own family history of type 2 diabetes and obesity. 


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